Dance Manuals

Dance manuals is very important nowadays for almost every individual need to know how to dance. Whether you are a student, worker or even not working there are many cases you need to dance. This is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music. It is used also as form of expression, social interaction or in performance and spiritual presentation. Dancing has evolved to many styles this is because those style came from different country and culture. Whatever name is given to each style it is still a dance. It is not only involves flexibility and body movement but also physics. Must be taken properly to avoid injuries. Browse our dance manual category and you will delighted with our recommended dance e-books.

dance manual 1Let’s Dance Louis! So you’ve seen the hit TV show “Dancing With The Stars”, you’ve watched Louis choreograph and teach all the celebrities to dance their best, and now YOU are thinking of finally taking those 2 left feet and turning them into dangerous ballroom weapons….Why Louis? Louis Van Amstel has spent his entire life dedicated to his talents. This isn’t just a dance class, THIS is a world renowned instructor that teaches

dance manual 2This software program is a collection of over 60 videos on ballet technique. I always found it hard practising at home because I didn’t have my teacher to show me how to do the movement correctly. You may be a visual learner like myself and really benefit from being able to watch how to correctly perform a Balloncé or Entrachat Quatre whenever you like. This software is designed to give you a quick

dance manual 3The Perfect Pointe Book” is a fantastic resource for dancers of all ages. It is designed to guide you through all of the stages required for pointe work, to make sure you have a safe and fun progression onto pointe!This invaluable resource was written by a Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist) with over 10 years of experience in treating dancers and preparing them for pointe work. It is designed to combine classical

dance manual 4Lapdance Unleashed is the ONLY online course available on the internet that teaches the “woman next door” how to give a lap dance with total confidence. It’s a combination of online video lessons, a detailed written instructional guide, large, full-resolution pictures, audio interviews, and a special article archive. And because it is all available ONLINE, you’ll literally have all of this in your hands within 5 minutes of ordering. Your

dance manual 5Announcing the Fully Illustrated Pole Position Guide. Your complete easy to read A-Z of Pole Dancing moves that’ll make you master of the Pole!All the moves are arranged into their respective difficulty levels, so you’ll know whether to tackle EASY, HARD or DIFFICULT. Quite frankly if you’re new or experienced to pole dancing you should have this guide. The only warning I have with regard to this guide is that you may